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       Born:  May 10, 1965 


           Padlaya is the son of the well-known sculptor and printmaker Lukta       

       Qiatsuq. Padlaya began carving at the age of twelve and credits his father and other elder carvers as influences. From his father, he learned a deep respect for the land, and this admiration shows in his treatment of wildlife subjects. He says that he has fun making art, and he likes to carve figurative works, with transformational themes being his favourites.



       May 1986                           A New Selection of Masterful Sculptures

                                                   from Cape Dorset                                  

                                                   Houston North Gallery                            

                                                   Lunenburg, Nova Scotia

       July - August 1986            L'art et la Matiere:  Peintures au sable

                                                  de Claude Durand - Sculptures d'Art Esquimaux    

                                                   Conseil Municipal                                

                                                   Le Comite d'Animation Culturelle                 

                                                   Deauville-Touques, France

       October 1987                    [L'art inuit]

                                                   Presented by l'Iglou Art Esquimau, Douai         

                                                   at Chambre de Commerce de Chateauroux            


       October 1988                    Tundra & Ice: Stone Images of

                                                   Animals and Man                                  

                                                   presented by Orca Aart at the                    

                                                   Adventurers' Club                                

                                                   Chicago, Illinois

       February 1989                  Arctic Images: Major Sculptures by Canada's

                                                   Leading Contemporary Eskimo (Inuit) Artists      

                                                   at D/Erlien Fine Art Limited                     

                                                   presented by Orca Aart, Chicago                  

                                                   Milwaukee, Wisconsin, U.S.A.

       June 1989                          Masters of the Arctic: An Exhibition

                                                  of Contemporary Inuit Masterworks                

                                                   Presented by the Amway Corporation               

                                                   at the United Nations General Assembly           

                                                   New York, New York, U.S.A.


                                                   (illustrated catalogue)

      June - Sept 1991               Granville Island Canadian Inuit Sculpture

                                                   Exhibition (second exhibition)                   

                                                   Vancouver Inuit Art Society                      

                                                   Vancouver, British Columbia

       March - April 1993            The Theme of Transformation in Inuit Sculpture

                                                   The Isaacs/Innuit Gallery                        


       June - July 1993                The Next Generation--Inuit Sculpture

                                                   Gallery Indigena                                 

                                                   Stratford, Ontario

       October - Nov 1993          Sculpture and Graphics from Cape Dorset

                                                   Art Space Gallery                                 

                                                   Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

       November - Dec 1994      Small Sculpture by Great Artists:

                                                   The Younger Generation                            

                                                   Feheley Fine Arts                                

                                                   Toronto, Ontario

       Nov - Dec 1994                 Three Young Carvers from Cape Dorset

                                                   and Drawings by Aoudla Pudlat                    

                                                   Albers Gallery                                   

                                                   San Francisco, California, U.S.A.

       November - Dec 1995      Miniaturen

                                                   Inuit Galerie                                    

                                                   Mannheim, Germany



       Amway Environmental Foundation Collection, Ada, Michigan, U.S.A.           

       (c) Inuit Art Section, INAC 1995

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