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13" x 24 x 6 - 77.8 lbs


Vince Bomberry's biography:


Vince Bomberry is a contemporary Six Nations carver, and the father of Cyril Henry. Bomberry represents the Iroquois nation, Onondaga tribe. He is a member of the Wolf Clan of the Cayuga Nation.

Bomberry's artistic career began while he was in his teens. In his sculpture and carvings, he combines contemporary styles with traditional Iroquoian motifs and concepts, thus creating modern interpretations of Iroquoian culture. Vincent Bomberry has a very unique style, we can see his work as a reminder of the pioneer of Cubist painting, Pablo Picasso. When it comes to caricaturing human emotions, Bomberry is among the best.

His works are in private galleries and homes, as well as national art collections such as the Native American Centre for the Living Arts (Niagara Falls, NY), the Canadian Museum of Civilization (Gatineau, QC), Indian and Northern Affairs (Gatineau, QC), and the Woodland Cultural Centre (Brantford, ON).

Family together By Vince Bomberry

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