Mikigak Kingwatsiak


Cape Dorset

Mikigak Kingwatsiak's creative work was predominantly inspired by the 1960s. The astronomical impact of the 1960s was truly astonishing across the globe. Evocative of a time stirring both faith and anger, the 1960s triggered an outburst of cutting-edge philosophies and movements, truly sensational and spectacular.



1960, 1961: "Eskimo GRaphic Art", Cape Dorset, N.W.T (illustrated catalog)

1967: "Eskimo Sculpture", Winnipeg Art Gallery

1970: "Mythology in Stone", Canadian Guild of Craft, Montreal

1971: "Sculpture in miniature" CGC, Montreal

1972: "Cape Dorset: Selected sculpture from the Twomey Collection, WAG

1975: "Cape Dorset: Selected sculpture from the WAG"

March-April 1979: Sculpture of the Inuit", Surrey Art Gallery, BC

Nov-Dec 1979: "In Celebration" CGC, Montreal

Dec1979-jan1980: "Cape Dorset Sculpture", The Signature Shop, Atlanta

Jan-Mars 1980: " Cape Dorset", WAG

Sept-Oct 1980: "The Inuit Sea Goddess", Museum of Fine Art, Montreal


Oct 1980: "Mikigak Kingwatsiak", Snow Goose, Ottawa


Department of Indian and Northern Affairs, Ottawa.

Twomey Collection, Winnipeg Art Gallery.