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Joanie Ragee

1986-, Iqaluit, Nunavut, Canada

Joanie Ragee has been carving since the age of 14. He credits both his older brother Siutapik and his grandfather Inuk Munamie for having taught him in the traditional way, by letting him watch them carve. Joanie began carving inukshuks (usually young artists start with inukshuks, they are the easiest to carve) at the age of 12 and has since developed an affinity towards carving animals. His favourite subject is the polar bear. Joanie’s polar bears are realistically carved, with a good sense of mass and movement.

Joanie’s father is Nowdlak Noah from Iqaluit. His biological brother is Siutiapiq Ragee, and uncles are Toonoo Sharky and Napachie Sharky (all are also famous Inuit artists). He used to watch his father and others carve, which is how he learned, by observing them. He loves carving. He is now famous for his sculptures, especially large dancing bears. He works hard to ensure that his carvings are nice and to make his carvings realistic.

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