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Toona Iquliq

Toona Iquliq (Tuna Iquiliq) carved for over forty years with his family; Iquliq’s wife Sarah is a carver and textile artist. Their children Camille, Johnny and Louie are well-known carvers. His work was featured in many exhibitions across Canada and the U.S. as well as Belgium, France, Germany and England. In addition, many of his works are found in important collections such as that of the Canadian Museum of Civilization and the National Gallery of Canada.

Toona Iquliq inspired other young carvers when he arrived in Baker Lake; at the time, a co-op was not yet established. While he was recognized for his rounded carvings of people and birds in the rich black basalt stone found near Baker Lake, figures such as musk oxen, people, birds and polar bears were also characteristic imagery.

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